Changes were made to the international travels lists at 4am Monday, August 30th.

Thailand and Montenegro were added to the red list meaning passengers from these countries must now quarantine in a government hotel for 11 nights at a cost of around £2,000.

Moving to the green list are: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania The Azores, and Switzerland.

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Passengers on an Easjet flight from Montenegro to Gatwick were greatly relieved as the place touched down at 3:58am, two minutes before the deadline. Flight EZY8522 was even more eventful as easyjet brought forward the flight by a day to beat the deadline. However a technical fault meant passengers had to be transferred by bus to Dubrovnic Passengers tweetede their despair on social media as the three busses were held up at the Croatian border for an hour. By the time the plane set off it was scheduled to only arrive ay 4:30am after the deadline, but managed to beat the deadline after all.

Passenger on flight EYZ8522 Joanna Lonergan tweeted:

Pilot was also amazing. Have never been in a plane going so fast. Take off was brutal - people being sick and the engines really going. He tannoyed just before landing to say ‘This thing doesn’t fly any faster’.
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